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Unity Group Wales

  • Our Parents, Partners, Family & Friends group meets on the second Sunday of every month at 2pm. 
  • Our trans brunch club meets on the third Saturday of every month. 
  • Breaking The Binary meet every Friday evening at 7pm too for anyone who identifies as Non-Binary.
  • Drop ins are Monday-Thursday mornings and all day Friday.

The Unity Identity Centre, Wales' first centre for all those who identify as trans, we have the support and social group which suits you.

The Unity Identity Centre is a fully inclusive not for profit organisation for all who relate to being transgender.  We are a fully constituted organisation which comes under the strict operating governance of the Unity Group Wales charity.

We assist transgender people, service providers, employers and equality organisations to engage together to improve gender identity and gender reassignment equality, rights and inclusion in Wales.

We strive for everyone in Wales to be safe and valued whatever their gender identity and gender reassignment status and to have full freedom in their gender expression.

We believe that it is in the interests of all gender diverse people in Wales to come together in alliance with one another to work more effectively to eliminate discrimination and harassment.

We consult and involve many groups and individuals with various diverse identities, including: Trans* women, Trans* men, non-binary-gender people, cross-dressing, intersex, gender fluid and others.

We prioritise working in partnership with other local, national and international equality organisations and take an intersectional approach which recognises the importance of tackling multiple- discrimination.


Unity Identity Centre is part of Unity Group Wales tel: 01792 346299

Facebook Group: Facebook Group

Twitter: @UnityGroupWales

Support For

  • BAME
  • Children
  • Employment
  • Faith
  • Housing
  • Non Binary
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  • Parents
  • Partners
  • Trans Men
  • Trans Women
  • Trans Youth

Regions covered

  • Wales

Swansea, Wales


Unity Group Wales
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