Umbrella Cymru

Umbrella Cymru is a gender and sexual diversity support specialist organisation that provides a range of services to people of any age across Wales.

We provide support to individuals, groups, families and professionals supporting them about anything relating to gender and sexual identity, equality and inclusion. Some of the things people ask us for help with include building confidence in identity, coming out, accessing gender services, social, medical and legal transition, school support, family support… the list goes on.

We’re flexible in the way we provide support and because we know people’s experiences can be so varied, and the way people access our services can and will be unique, we continue to develop and provide support to meet individual needs and circumstances. All staff and volunteers are vetted through DBS or direct Police vetting.

Can we help you?

We always keep YOU at the heart of any support, and we build a package around you. First, we look at why you want or need support, discuss what matters to you, identify what you want to achieve, plan how you might achieve it and then work out what you might need from us to help you.

Whether you need information, emotional support and someone to talk to or you want some practical help to contact services or access other support, we’ll try our best to help you get what you’re looking for.

For full information about our support services, visit our support pages of our website.

We also facilitate a support group called Embrace in South East Wales for parents, carers, guardians and family members of transgender, non-binary and gender diverse young people. The group meets monthly and provides an opportunity for members to discuss their feelings, learn from each other and build friendships and social networks to support them through their journey. For more information about the group, visit the groups pages of our website.

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Twitter: @umbrellacymru

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Support For

  • Children
  • Non Binary
  • Online
  • Parents
  • Partners
  • Trans Men
  • Trans Women
  • Trans Youth

Regions covered

  • Wales


Postal address only:
Umbrella Cymru
C/O Connect Gwent
Blackwood Road
NP12 2XA
0300 302 3670