Transgender Support Programmes

LGBT Health and Wellbeing offers support to trans people, including non-binary people through our Transgender Support Programmes (TSP) in both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We welcome trans female/feminine, trans male/masculine, genderqueer, non-binary identities as well as intersex people, people who cross dress and those who are exploring their gender identity. Anyone who lives in and out of Edinburgh and Glasgow can access the programmes, although all events are delivered in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

What does the programme include?

Individual support

You can access one to one support to find out about gender or transition related information. If you would like to discuss your needs and find out about support available then you can arrange a face to face appointment, chat to us on the phone, or get advice and information via email.

Social events

We deliver monthly social events in Edinburgh and Glasgow, called T time.  T time is an informal drop-in welcome to transgender, including non-binary, intersex people, those questioning their gender identity, and supporters. They are a great opportunity to meet new people, pick up information and chat over a cuppa in a safe, easy going and relaxed environment. Each month, we also deliver one-off optional activities for a wide range of interests.

Confidence workshops

We deliver quarterly workshops giving trans and non-binary people the opportunity to build their confidence in different ways through a range of activities.

Transition Support Courses

Two-day weekend courses are delivered annually in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, for anyone looking to explore their transition options in an open and safe, non-judgmental space. These are facilitated by staff from the Transgender Support Programmes with support from our Mental Health team. The course will provide safe and supportive opportunities to meet and connect with other trans or non-binary people, share your experiences, take part in confidence building workshops and learn more about your options and rights (a session with Scottish Trans Alliance is included).

Monthly newsletter

T Monthly aims to let you know about any significant events or activities that have been recently taking place and to keep readers up to date about events that you can attend in the forthcoming weeks. There’s a fantastic range of other options for support available to trans, including non-binary communities throughout Scotland and so we are delighted to advertise these in our monthly newsletter. You can subscribe to T Monthly.


For social events, confidence workshops, transition support courses in Edinburgh and T Monthly, please contact Jules:
Tel: 0131 523 1100

For individual support and information in Edinburgh, please contact Sylvia:
Tel: 0131 523 1100

For social events, confidence workshops, trans support courses and individual support in Glasgow, please contact Katrina:
Tel: 0131 523 1100

Support For

  • Non Binary
  • Trans Men
  • Trans Women

Regions covered

  • Scotland

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