Transiness is about allowing gender variant and intersex people freedom of expression about positive changes or aspects of their life they might find difficult elsewhere.

It’s about celebrating who people really are without the fear of disapproval.

It’s about celebrating the delight of transition or of living a more congruent life as a binary, genderqueer, or agender person.

It’s about sharing good news, inspiration and positivity.

It’s also about people interacting with others expression of who they are in a positive way. Transiness is about empowerment, activism and strength within transgender, intersex and feminist communities.

Transiness is a trans-positive group for trans, cis and intersex people and allies to share inspiring, positive news, stories and quotes. It's a place for people to express their lives and achievements positively.

The mission for the group is to explore our lives positively. It is developing telephone support, and continues to deliver web based support through the internet on Facebook.

Services provided for:

  •     Trans People/People with gender histories
  •     Key areas of work:
  •     Advice/Information
  •     Advocacy
  •     Befriending/1:1
  •     Campaigning/Activism
  •     Gender
  •     Health Care
  •     Helpline
  •     Infrastructure/Community Development
  •     Mental Health
  •     Networks
  •     Policy/Representation
  •     Self-help/Support Group
  •     Volunteering

Facebook Group: Facebook

Twitter: @transiness

Support For

  • BAME
  • Children
  • Non Binary
  • Online
  • Parents
  • Partners
  • Trans Men
  • Trans Women
  • Trans Youth

Regions covered

  • UK Wide

UK Wide


East Sussex
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