Transfigurations is a transgender support group set up to help transgender people come to terms with their gender and provide a meeting place where they can feel safe and start to feel more at peace with themselves.

A meeting place has been found in Torquay, South Devon and we initially plan to meet once a month, on the first Wednesday evening of each month.

The group will enable you to discuss any problems which you might be experiencing whether it is work related, problems with neighbours or concerns about your medical treatment - or any of the myriad of problems which can affect people who are thinking of, or going through, transition.

We hope to have discussions which will be lead both by members of the group and by outside people (eg by officers from the Devon and Cornwall Police Authority's diversity team) and demonstrations by people such as beauty/make-up experts.

For transgender or transsexual men, we hope to get discussions led by a few trans men who have been transitioned for many years and will able to guide you with their considerable experience. The group is run by an experienced trans woman (who has been transitioned for over 40 years and so has plenty of experience).

The group is open to trans men and women - and all who fall under the transgender umbrella, so if you are a transvestite or cross-dresser, you will still be welcome to attend.

Trans youth can also attend, but please contact Carol, the administrator, first before attending - either by email (see Contact Page on the left hand side of this page) or by telephoning the group administrator.

Our Helpline is now operational on a Sunday evening from 6pm until midnight and a Wednesday evening (except 1st Wednesday of each month) from 6pm until midnight. You can leave a text on this number at any time and I will endeavour to contact you as soon as I can. The Helpline number is 07476 15 17 17

Transfigurations also has an internet forum which people from anywhere can join (English language only) to get support. The forums can either be accessed via their web site or via this direct link -

Telephone Support/Helpline: 07476 15 17 17 (please see for further information)

To contact us please use our contact form and we will get back to you:

Twitter: @TransDevon

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