trans*formation seeks to connect and inspire Trans* professionals in a safe and welcoming environment and, as their name suggests, work to achieve a real transformation in the standing, openness and wellbeing of Trans* professionals and the companies for which they work.

As a group, trans*formation regularly speaks with employers and professional organisations to advocate for improved working conditions for Trans* people with a recent focus on Employee Healthcare Benefits and Inclusive Recruitment. Other areas for which trans*formation advocates include employee benefits and policies and procedures to support both employees who are transitioning, their managers and HR. The group provides education in the workplace to help employers gain an understanding of the needs of Trans* employees and the business case for actively welcoming Trans* staff. trans*formation also helps companies put policies in place to better serve Trans* customers.

The group holds a number of events during the year including regular networking sessions.

Twitter: @TFormUK


Support For

  • Employment
  • Non Binary
  • Online
  • Trans Men
  • Trans Women

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  • UK Wide

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