Tees Trans

Tees Trans is a support group. email anyday to get in touch and to make an appointment also phone the office between 11am and 5pm every Thursday.

Tees Trans* aims to grow a network of people throughout the Cleveland area of the North East of England that will aid acceptance and empower those who are looking to transition or live how they choose.

Here at Tees Trans* we aim to provide support, help and guidance to anyone who identifies as being under the Trans* umbrella whether that be Transsexual, Transgender, Gender Fluid, non binary or other including friends and families.

You don’t have to be considering changing gender to be a part of this group as we aim to include people who are not stereotypically male or female or neither as well as people who identify themselves as Transsexual, Transgender, third gender or other who need a safe friendly space to be themselves and make friends.

We also aim to provide information to the general public, GP’s, work places, and places of education to give them knowledge on how to support someone who comes out as Trans* as well as passing on our details.

We accept all identities, genders, sexuality and back grounds.

Our mission is to provide a safe and friendly space for individuals who are questioning there gender identity, transitioning or identify themselfs as gender fluid/bi gender to be themselves, make friends and receive support.

We proved one to one support and group meetings

Support For

  • Non Binary
  • Trans Men
  • Trans Women

Regions covered

  • North East



9th floor
Center North East (CNE)
Albert Road,
01642 909250
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