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Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

At Switchboard we provide an information, support and referral service for lesbians, gay men and bisexual and trans* people – and anyone considering issues around their sexuality and/or gender identity.

We are:

  • Confidential
  • Welcoming
  • Supportive
  • Non-Judgemental

We listen to all kinds of calls, and we take every one seriously. Whatever made you call, we’re glad you did – and we want to help you.

Here are some of the things people might call us for:

  • Support for a man who has been a victim of homophobic abuse, but has previously had a bad experience going to the police.
  • Contact details for an LGBT-friendly therapist.
  • Support for a lesbian teenager thrown out of her home by her parents, and who needs somewhere to stay.
  • Information about a support group for a man who wants to wear women’s clothes for the first time in public.
  • Information on how to get to local gay pubs for someone with mobility issues.
  • Times and places for a local bisexual social group.
  • Listening to some of the concerns a mother has about her child who is trans*

Every call is unique, and Switchboard prides itself on responding to the changing needs of our communities by providing a service that’s continually evolving and relevant.

Twitterr: @switchboardLGBT

Facebook Page: Facebook

Support For

  • BAME
  • Non Binary
  • Trans Men
  • Trans Women

Regions covered

  • UK Wide

UK Wide


PO Box 7324
N1 9QS
Office: 020 7837 6768 Helpline: 0300 330 0630 10am - 11pm every day
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