Swindon TG Group

The Swindon TG Group is a local Transgender support group that exists in order to provide information and help to those who are either confused about gender or who are simply looking for a safe and friendly environment

in which to ‘dress’ regardless of age, gender, disability, religion, ethnicity or any other totally irrelevant factor.

Our meetings are generally lighthearted and convivial and encourage social interaction within the meetings only as far as the individual wishes. We do not press anyone for details about themselves other than those they are pleased to disclose.

We endeavour to provide an informative, understanding and non-intrusive environment for partners, relatives and friends of all Transgendered people.

We can lend a friendly, knowledgeable ear and hopefully enable significant others to use us as an outlet to express their feelings,

doubts and fears as they negotiate their journey towards coming to terms with their individually sensitive and often traumatic situation.

Our venue provides secluded parking, changing facilities, refreshments and friendly faces. We only request that visitors dress and act within the bounds of common decency.

Although we are not qualified to give counselling, nor do we profess to know all the ‘answers’, we do endeavour to provide alternative perspectives based on a wealth of personal experience.

The only thing we are missing is you!

Hope to see you soon.

Support For

  • Partners
  • Trans Men
  • Trans Women

Regions covered

  • South West

Swindon, Wiltshire


Central Community Centre
Emlyn Square
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