South West Girls

Most of us suffer depression and illness if we have no outlet for our expressions. The South West Girls are just that and they meet, eat, drink and party in many public venues in the South West.

For a first time out and first contact with any other person it is so much easier with like minded people

We hold regular meetings on the second Friday of every month come rain or shine. We have been using the same village hall setting in Clyst St George for about 15 years now and are well accepted and behaved as a result.

Most meetings are just a chance to sit, chat with a tea or coffee and talk to people that know what you are going and have been through.

Networking like this in such a private safe environment will give you the opportunity to discuss what you are doing, where you are going and arrange further outings.

We find we have a need to express our feelings and this allows you to move at your own pace without pressure until you reach a point you are content.


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