Manchester Concord

Manchester Concord meets every Wednesday evening in the upstairs bar of Villaggio's in Manchester.

The Address is:- Villaggio's, 44 Canal street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M1 3WD

The aims of the organisation:

1. To provide a reliable friendly place where newcomers to the transgender scene can come and meet other like minded people in what is undoubtedly the most tranny-friendly location in the country.

2. To provide a convivial place where old and new members can come as often or rarely as they please to meet and talk with their friends.

3. To get together with friends from the club from time to time at other venues, such as restaurants and shows.

4. To support any other relevant transgender functions or groups.

5. To have fun.

A group has been meeting as part of the Northern Concord in the Rembrandt and various venues around the Manchester Village since 1986. In January 2008 we moved back into the Rembrandt hotel and in April 2008, as part of the process of moving forward into the 21st century we decided to take full control of our own affairs by creating a club now called Manchester Concord which looks after its own finances, membership list and website as well as continuing the tradition of hosting a venue for transgender people and their partners every week throughout the year.

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  • Trans Men
  • Trans Women

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44 Canal Street,
M1 3WD
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