In-Trust Merseyside

The In-Trust Network is for men and women with a transgendered or intersex history.

The group have been meeting since December 2006. The network held its launch in June of this year and work has already begun on a series of initiatives to help raise awareness of the many issues facing transgender people in their everyday lives both in employment and service provision.

The network is not a support group but can help to signpost trans people towards other groups in the region.

The Aims are to:

  • provide a safe place to explore and express your personal gender identity
  • combat isolation
  • provide support with information and resources
  • provide a space where all transgendered people can socialize, share experiences and exchange ideas
  • combat transphobia
  • promote greater acceptance and rights for all transpeople
  • provide help & advice for transpeople who want to support friends, family & colleagues
  • provide advice and support with transitioning
  • Above all, the group is intended to foster a sense of inclusion and celebration of each of us as unique and valued (trans) people.

The network currently meets the first Saturday of every month from 3pm till 5pm at SING Plus Centre, 53 Cambridge Road, Seaforth, Liverpool, L21 1EX and usually the members will go for a meal at a local restaurant afterwards.

The meetings are very informal and updates on progress with network activities are discussed along with topics of interest and support.

Support For

  • Non Binary
  • Partners
  • Trans Men
  • Trans Women

Regions covered

  • North West

Sefton Merseyside


SING Plus Centre,
53 Cambridge Road,
L21 1EX
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