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Glos Parents of Gay and Trans Youth

"I would like to announce the birth of a new transgender support group, it is facebook based and is for the parents of gay and transgender children, it has been started by a couple of parents who, after meeting with me and agreeing that it is the parents who need support as well as the child that it would be a great move to start a support group as mermaids are really struggling to keep up.

After chatting to both parents ,sending them contacts and giving them as much support as I could they went away and gave birth to ;Glos parents of gay and trans youth, please look it up on facebook ,they need your support become friends with them ,I am sure that this is going to take off in a big way , if you need any more info then either contact me ,Kelly at kellyjay.jt@gmail.com or go to their facebook page , thanks to all of you who I know will support this valuable support group"

Kelly,vice chair of Gloscats.


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