Derbyshire LGBT+

Derbyshire LGBT+ is Derbyshire’s only LGBT specific support service, we are here to support anyone who is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender or anyone who is having issues with their sexual identity or gender identity, this includes family and friends.

A lot of people ask why there is still a need for LGBT support in these times, they assume that things are now great for LGBT people in the UK. Our experience however is the complete opposite.  Statistics show us that over the last few years Hate Crime against LGBT people has dramatically risen, we know HIV infection rates are rising higher every year.  Bullying in schools is still a major problem, and we still face inequality in goods and services.  Every day we have people coming for support with a whole range of issues from homelessness, violence, bullying and harassment, to issues of coming out around the gender identity or sexual orientation.  Our service is needed now as much as it has ever been.

We need your help over the last few years our funding has been dramatically reduced or even finished. Last year all our funding from Derbyshire County Council was finished, we are awaiting a decision at the moment from Derby City on whether they will cut the last bit of funding we receive from them.  We had a 90% cut in funding for our sexual health work.

We are a registered charity and are going through a period of huge change, we have had to dramatically reduce our service to accommodate the huge losses we have had in funding.

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Support For

  • BAME
  • Non Binary
  • Online
  • Trans Men
  • Trans Women

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  • East Midlands



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