Gender Dysphoria is a self diagnosed condition.  If you feel you may have gender dysphoria it is likely that you may have feelings of being trapped within yourself.  Many people describe a dislike of their physical self in their biological gender.  It may be difficult for you to see your body and you may find intimate feelings difficult.

A transition journey from your biological gender is possible.  It is a long and involved process that can take several years.  It is important for you to seek help.  Many people do this by first speaking with a counsellor about their feelings.  If you feel it is appropriate you can then go and speak to your GP. Your GP can then provide you with a referral for more specialist help.  It is likely that you will be referred to your local NHS mental health service.  These people will help you decide whether there may be any other reason for your difficult feelings around your biological gender.

At Breakfree you can be supported on this journey.  You will have the opportunity to share your experience with other transgendered people in a safe and confidential environment.  We can support you in establishing a relationship with your GP and other professional services. You can then explore specialist gender services that may be appropriate for you.

Breakfree is based in Bournemouth, Dorset.

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