If you're a young person living in Somerset you may find that being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning your sexuality or gender identity can be difficult. The 2BU site is here to help give you some answers and some support if you feel you want it.

It's also here to help parents and teachers understand what is going on for LGB young people.

Back in 2003, in Wells, Somerset, 2BU began as a youth group for gay lads, with the aim of providing a safe space where we could say it's okay ‘to be you’ and where with support, those who attended would become comfortable with their sexuality and gain confidence from others like them, as well as being able to seek advice and guidance around issues relevant to their situation.

Since it began the group has extended its reach to lesbian and bisexual and transgender young people.

In 2007 the group had attracted young people from different parts of the county and so we moved the group to Taunton as generally it has a good bus and train service (Yeah we know the cuts have affected this!)

The group was founded by Andrew, who now works in Public Health but continues to run the group with Lisa a qualified youth worker.  Lisa also act as our outreach workers and is able to offer support to young people outside the group and can meet at school or at a place the young person feels safe (like a coffee shop) Andrew and Lisa can be contacted for advice or support by young people, parents /carers or teachers

We have a group that currently meets every wednesday from 6pm to 8pm in Taunton.

Twitter: @2BUSomerset

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